We get asked the same roofing questions quite frequently and felt sharing the answers here might be helpful.
Do I need roof replacement, or will a repair do?

The single most common questions we hear, aside from whether or not our estimates are really free, is whether a repair will suffice to stave off the cost of replacement. We answer this the same way every single time. If a repair will do, we’ll provide a repair. We’re not in the business of dictating to customers what to do with their own property. However, if a repair would be dangerous, and could lead to harm, we cannot in good conscience provide it. But, if it’s possible we promise it’s going to one of the options we provide during our estimate process.

What’s the best roofing material on the market?

We hear this one all the time and our answer is always the same – it depends on the structure itself and its environment. It depends on the customer’s budget and their ability to maintain the material over time. So, there’s no good answer for all customers. There’s just the right answer for each one of them and United Roofing & Restoration helps them find it. We can do the same thing for you!

How much will my new residential roof cost?

This is another one we hear frequently with no one-size-fits-all answer. A new roof’s cost will depend on multiple factors that go beyond materials and labor. Is there a warranty and what are its terms? What’s the complexity of the roof design? Will work require safety equipment be installed prior to roofing getting underway? All of these and more will play a role in pricing your project. That’s why you should always get multiple estimates!

Should I attempt roof repairs on my own?

No. No. No. This is not something you want to do for a couple of reasons. First, you may inadvertently void your roofing’s warranties by doing DIY roof repairs. Second, you could seriously injure yourself or someone else. Third, you could hurt your roof badly. Roofing isn’t like changing your brake pads. It’s not a YouTube video kind of thing. Seriously, it can be more trouble than it’s worth. Just call the pros from United Roofing & Restoration and stay safe.

What should I do if I’m finding shingles on my lawn?

You should call (928) 412-9467 immediately for a free inspection and estimate from United Roofing & Restoration. Missing shingles area sure sign of trouble, so you’re going to want a professional opinion. Many don’t realize that shingle roofing is a system, not a bunch if individual pieces of asphalt. When any are missing, the system is broken and must be repaired to avoid even more headaches when it rains.


Here’s where you can find the most common questions we get about our service offerings and our team’s answers.
Are your roofing estimates really free of charge?

Yes, they are. We know, we know, it can be tough to believe this nowadays, but it’s 100% true. Our service estimates are free and come with no obligations or gimmicks. Our team will not try to pressure you into agreeing to anything. See, we believe that great work, honest answers and clear communication are enough to convince you to work with us.

How quickly can I get the roofing services I need?

This all depends. We can usually get to you for an estimate on the same day you call, but it takes longer to get the materials necessary to complete any substantial repair or replacement projects. For minor repairs, and if our schedule allows, we can sometimes get to you on the same day you call, but this is really dependent on factors beyond our control, such as time of year, demand for service, etc.

Do you handle roofing insurance claims?

Absolutely we do and we do it better than anyone else in the Greater Phoenix area. Our highly experienced team will work directly with your insurance adjuster to make certain you get the treatment you deserve – not to mention the settlement amount that covers the necessary roof repair or replacement. The insurance company is going to have experts on their side looking out for their interests. Shouldn’t you do the same?

Do you service my location in the Greater Phoenix area?

More than likely, yes, but we welcome your call to discuss it. We take pride in our ability to deliver impeccable service to our residential and commercial customers across the Greater Phoenix area, but that level of service means our service area is limited to where we can get to and from in a timely manner. While this means we can service most of Greater Phoenix, some of the outlying communities may pose an issue. That’ why we ask that you call to find out for sure!

How do I get started with United Roofing & Restoration?

This is the easiest question of all. Just pick up the phone and call (928) 412-9467 and speak with one of United’s top-rated roofing professionals about your specific needs. They’ll work with you to find the best time for your free estimate visit where you’ll get answers to your roofing questions and a clearly explained estimate for our recommendation. If you can’t call, just use our helpful contact form instead!


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