How to Choose a Roofing TeamHow to Choose a Roofing Team

April 10, 2020by UnitedRoofing

How to Choose a Roofing Team

When you’ve been roofing for as long as we have, you hear some real horror stories about disreputable contractors taking advantage of customers for a quick buck. It’s sad really because it’s so easy to avoid these fly-by-night operations if you only take a little time during the estimating process to get answers to the most important questions pre-project. See, you’re going to have an opportunity to interact with a roofing contractor and see how they respond to your questions, your requests, and your requirements. You’ll have the chance to review everything about their business and their past work history if you simply ask the right questions. We can help with that.

In order to assist you in avoiding the bad apples in the roofing business, United Roofing & Restoration have put together a checklist of questions to ask and items to review with any contractor during the estimating process – before you sign a contract and get locked in to working with them. Here’s what you need to ask and check for:

  • Business Name, Address, Phone: Any contractor that cannot provide you with these details is not someone you want to be working with. Seriously, this is the simplest stuff to answer, so why would they hide it?
  • Work Experience: How much experience do they have with your type of roofing material? With roofing in general? Are they a part-timer, or do they offer roofing year-round? Have they ever worked with your material before?
  • Licensing & Bonding: You never want to work with a roofing contractor that doesn’t have full City and State licensing. Make sure you see their licensing prior to signing an agreement. If they don’t have licensing they can’t have insurance coverage, which leads us to our next point.
  • Insurance Coverage: This is a dealbreaker if they can’t produce policies covering both worker’s compensation and liability coverage. This is vital to your safety and financial well-being before, during and after your roofing work is completed. You could be at risk and not even know it!
  • Company References: A reputable roofing contractor will be happy to share references with you to ensure you feel comfortable with the contract and its terms. These may include materials suppliers, banking institutions, and past customers.
  • Organizational Philosophy: While it’s not as important as say the contract, understanding the organizational philosophy behind a roofing contractor’s operations can help you determine whether or not they’re the type to stand behind their work, or to fight back against every customer with issues. It’s best to choose a roofer you believe will honor their commitments and stick to their word.

By checking for the items discussed above when meeting with and choosing a contractor for your upcoming roofing project, you should be able to avoid the nightmare scenarios with Phoenix area roofing contractors we’ve heard of over the years and get great roofing results from a reputable roofing team. You could always skip the investigation into other contractors and call the #1 team in town at (928) 412-9467. With United Roofing & Restoration, you’ll get all the answers you’re after along with a detailed estimate that covers all the bases described above – guaranteed!

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